Residential Roofing

Your homes roofing system is the most important part of your home. Residential roofing materials have actually improved over 50 % in the past decade. This brings better quality materials that can last a lot longer than before. You have more designs, and colors to choose from, and can even get the texture you want too.

With more options on roofing materials, a homeowner can achieve the look of their dreams. Installation and repair services can be fatal if not done by a professional. Only an experienced roofing contractor can deliver high quality work that will last for years. Most of our jobs can be completed in just one day, but we will never rush to finish. We take our time and fix your roof the right way the first time to save our customers money in the future. We even offer inspections to keep your roofing system working properly, and to help detect problem areas soon.

At Universal Contracting, we fully understand the needs of homeowners and how to properly repair and install roofing systems. We specialize in residential roofing replacement and repair work. All of our roofing shingles are made from top quality shingle companies.

As an experienced licensed residential roofing contractor, we have the knowledge along with over 25 years experience in roof repairs and installs. Our residential roofing services come with a no leak guarantee so you can rest assured your roof is working properly. Our consultants are highly trained in assisting and recovering small and large loss insurance claims. We hand nail every nail for maximum strength and protection, and our contractors do the work ourself. We never sub contract the work out, and will always take pride in our work.

Start your experience with us with a free estimate and inspection to let our professional accurately diagnose the cause of your roofing problems. If you only need a repair, we will never try to replace your roof. With Universal Contracting you will receive top quality service at a competitive price.

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