Your roofing system is the most important part of your property.

At Universal Contracting, we offer multiple roofing services to keep your residential and commercial property working correctly. We are located in Austin, DFW, Houston, and have over 25 years experience in all types of roofs.

Our previous experience gives us the knowledge to perform top roofing service for all of our customers. We have been delivering quality service at unbeatable prices all throughout Texas for 25 years, and continue to grow each day. We offer our customers the best prices around town on all roofing projects, along with top quality materials and services. We keep our jobs clean and go beyond most other roofing companies.

Universal Contracting handles all types of roofing projects, from start to finish. From 3 tab to designer shingles, to low slope roof and also architectural shingles. We are your one stop for all your roofing project needs. Our specialist will inspect your roof to determine what the problem is. After the repairs, or replacements are made we also have yearly inspections available to keep your roofing system working properly for many years.

As one of the best roofing contractors around we have the experience and skills necessary to offer both residential and commercial roofing services of any size. From small roof repairs, to large roof replacements, we take pride in our professionalism and workmanship making sure that not one short cut is taken. We hand nail every shingle to your roof to ensure top performance and maximum protection.

Your home is your largest investment, so keep it working and functioning properly with Universal Contracting. We provide the best residential and commercial roofing services around the area. Take a look at our service area to see if you are capable of taking part in our great deals. Contact a Universal Contracting specialist today for free information on any roofing services.

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